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The Copyright Facebook Message Hoax

facebookAlright, so if you’re on Facebook at all, you’ve probably seen all of the different things going around about the “copyright protection.” According to this, you’re popping this little message onto your status that basically says “hey, no one can take my stuff and use it for commercial purposes without my permission.” Sounds great on the surface, right? Especially when all that stuff came up last year regarding Facebook and them using your photos in the ads on the side.

So, Is it True?

But, like many of the issues that end up coming up around Facebook, this one is untrue as well. You see, even though you’re using Facebook as a way to store all of your photos and such and share them with your friends, they’re perfectly safe. They’re still yours. The whole thing is considered to be royalty free, and you don’t have to make any public declaration about whether or not you are claiming the copyright right for yourself – you already have the right to that from the beginning of your Facebook usage. The whole “declaring your rights” is just useless.

Why Does it Matter?

So, what should we learn from this whole ordeal? If we learn anything, it should be that we need to read contracts before we sign them. You know, as well as I do, that many of us just ignore the terms of service and terms of use that we see when we’re signing up for a website. The issue is, we should honestly be paying more attention to those things before we sign up. Not only can it prevent us from having problems in the future because of not understanding the terms, it can also prevent us from looking foolish when hoaxes like this go around and get posted all over the internet.

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Contracts are a really important part of our lives. There are terms of service on every website nowadays, mainly because they’re required to be used by law. Those terms of service are meant to protect us; they are not meant to make us more stressed out or cause us to jump through more hoops. Many times, if you read them and you have a question about what they mean, you can contact the company and they will give it to you in plainer terms and answer the questions that you may have. Don’t skip reading the terms of service – they can really help you out in a pinch.