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Body Cameras and the Law

body cameraBody cameras have been a huge point of contention for a number of people. Since the incident in Ferguson happens a few months ago, police officers around the country have started to wear and utilize dash cameras and body cameras. In some departments, they’ve decided to utilize them before they were even required to. In some states, legislation is already starting to be passed in order to make cops wear them. And, as you likely know, there are petitions and such online that are requesting that these sorts of things become national law instead of just state law.

Not Just For Cops?

It’s quite interesting, really, because body cameras aren’t just for cops anymore. Since they’ve become a lot easier to use and they aren’t as expensive as they used to be, a number of different professionals have started to use them as well, and a number of them have kept them safe from lawsuits. For example, a plumber who was accused of doing a poor job on a plumbing job may end up saving their own hide because, with a body camera, they can prove that they did the work requested and to the standards that they should be done. In other cases, where people came to repossess and impound particular items (cars, etc), the repo people have been able to file lawsuits against people who assaulted them or threatened to do so because the repo person was doing their job.

Is it a Trend?

Does this mean that it needs to be a trend? Should more professionals be wearing body cameras in order to make sure that they aren’t getting treated poorly or that they aren’t getting cheated? In today’s world, it may be a good idea to do so. Defending yourself, especially if you run your own business, is incredibly important, and a body camera may be the piece of evidence that you need in order to keep yourself protected against scammers and swindlers, or against those who may harm you while you’re on the job.

That being said, will it make a difference? Will body cameras help enforce laws and keep people safe? Obviously, they need to be turned on in order to work, but many times, just having it there is enough to remind you to keep it on. Should they be required for certain people who work in certain fields? Or is it a privacy issue that makes it more difficult to work under certain conditions.

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